2012 she released her first single ‘Give Up on You’ written by Faye Medeson. The song  received a lot of radio play for  nearly three years. 
The success of the first song prompted Faye and  MaKeyla to collaborate once again on the song “Best Night of My Life”.
“Best night” inspired a total of three EDM  remixes  for which "Best Night" garnered a release in Austria by Paranoja Records 2014.

MaKeyla teamed up with Jocke Ekberg (aka Nerio) and recorded the single “Running into Time” which was later picked up for commercials.
"Life is a journey not a destination"
2015 she met Danish agent Henrik Thomsen. He whisked the talented star to Denmark to work with acclaimed producer Peter Brander of MediaSound / Airborne Records. Together they recorded two songs, both written by Hannah Trigwell, UK, “Give up or give in” and a cover of “Rectify”.

Next MaKeyla began to work with “The King of funk” Paulo Mendonca in Gothenburg. The two recorded the song “Outnumbered”.

The following year in 2015 Paulo connected MaKeyla with Major Tom, an ensemble of supremely talented singers, producers, songwriters and musicians. The consortium meets regularly for impromptu writing sessions and the songs they make are either utilized internationally or pitched to other artists. Major Tom organizes their own live performances, and they are frequently mainstays of the live festival circuit.
Later in 2015, MaKeyla's (MK at the time) music  caught the  ears  of  Toronto based Kozmikwav studio.  She made two songs together with Snaz who's  production credits include tracks  on Drake,    French  Montana, Outlawz, and DMX,  to name a few.
The song 'Nemesis', written and produced by Snaz and Andreena  Miller received brisk airplay on major  radiostations in the U.S. 

After collaborating with people in in San Diego and  Los Angeles,  MaKeyla met  MC JUICE. The two of them clicked instantly, they started collaborating and currently they are writing songs for a coming album.